What We Do

A successful build means matching skills, materials and minds to deliver the best results. If you’re looking for professional, environmentally thoughtful tradies, Gypco should be on your list.

Grand plans often need more than DIY skills. But it can be tricky to find a building crew that shares your low waste and reuse/upcycling goals. And if you’re trying to do something unconventional, choosing the right builder for your project is absolutely vital. Bad communication or a careless team can create a lot of stress.

The Gypco Carpentry Builders team have experience in building earth ships, off-grid sites, tiny houses, extensions, renovations and contemporary new builds. Paying attention to materials and design choices, and really listening to your goals, is part of the service. If you’re interested in these kinds of projects then you’re in the right place.

Gypco also help clients consider:

  • the embodied energy involved in the manufacturing and transport of new materials
  • the benefits of using or repurposing existing materials
  • passive design and insulation possibilities
  • toxicity and health requirements